Motion Control Systems

What Motion Control Systems Do

Motion control systems regulate the flow of energy and use an electric motor to convert electrical power into mechanical motion, with both actions being supervised by a computer. There are two important tasks that an electric or hydraulic motion control system can handle: the flow of power (this makes things move) and the flow of information (this keeps control of the system). If a motion and control system has been correctly designed and is using suitable motion control components, it can be highly valuable and incredibly efficient.

The Modern and Intelligent Drive System – KineSys

Engineers must build machines that not only include state-of-the-art technology, but also build them to meet their customers’ specific demands and keep the ever-rising costs of the raw materials needed in mind. The HYDAC KineSys hydraulic motion control system is a fully parameterised plug-and-play unit that comes with high-quality electromechanical and hydraulic motion control components.

KineSys is an energy-efficient and simple to use motor pump unit that is suitable to use with small to medium-sized constant pressure systems. It also comes with a drive motor that can be switched on and managed via incorporated controls to ensure the motor will work within your specified parameters. By using the KineSys, users can increase their level of energy savings by up to 70%.

How KineSys Works

HYDAC manufactured and combined the best features of electromechanical and hydraulic motion control components to create the KineSys. It is designed to completely control the pressure and speed of the motion and control system thanks to the high level of robustness and density of the hydraulics as well as the quiet and controllable electromechanical and hydraulic components it comes with. This is done to:

  • Boost machine productivity
  • Minimise how much noise it makes
  • Increase the service life of the machine’s components
  • Incorporate safety functions
  • Streamline how the overall system operates

KineSys’ Three Motion Control Components

  • Hydraulic motion controller: Controls the dynamics of motion control systems.
  • Motor driver: Adapts the command signals from the hydraulic motion controller into power signals that are needed to make the motor move.
  • Motion device: Gives motion via a motor and has a feedback device that imparts data.

How HYDAC Can Help You

HYDAC’s KineSys (Kinematic Systems) team is your partner for expertise in drive solutions and remote condition monitoring services.

Our goal is to develop electro-mechanical or hydraulic motion control system solutions from simple automation and control to high dynamic controls with designs that ensure maximum efficiency and a significant reduction in complexity.

KineSys utilises the comprehensive range of HYDAC products as well as KineSys drive components to produce customised designs for drive solutions. Our modern simulation and system engineering tool assist the design process.

HYDAC has worked with many different organisations and understands that they each have their own unique performance goals and application parameters, and we will do the same for you and your organisation. Our technicians will speak to you to learn what your requirements are and relay these to our vendor partners. We will utilise state-of-the-art sizing and simulation software to make sure your KineSys automation and control system will be the correct size so it fulfils its performance demands.

HYDAC Drive Controllers

Our drive controllers have an integrated intelligence which enables even complex drive tasks to be accomplished in a simple and robust manner:

  • Regulation of:
    • Pressure/Force
    • Position/Angle
    • Synchronisation
    • Speed
  • Control of actuators
  • Cam disc function
  • Safety functions
  • And much more

The usage of HYDAC drive controllers offers new possibilities for the integration of the hydraulic motion control system with electrical motion and control technology. For instance: coupling of axes and integration of bus systems. We are ready for the “internet of things”.

Technical Data for the KineSys DVA Portfolio

  • Electronic variable displacement pump
  • Fully parameterised Plug and Play unit
  • External and internal gear pumps
  • Powers 0.75 kW to 200 kW
  • Different function modules available

Motion Control Components

  • HFI-MM
  • Drive controllers
  • HFI-CM
  • Servo motor
  • HEZ electric cylinder

The Benefits of Using KineSys

KineSys regulates variable flow and pressure levels with its incorporated automation and control algorithms of machines that need constant pressure, ensuring they will continue to operate and not cease to function. A common addition to these machines is a variable speed accumulator charging circuit that includes a shut-off function that gives users further control over the machine. These are highly recommended as they’re very energy-efficient, using only the necessary amount of hydraulic volume flow and motor speed, therefore minimising how much electrical and hydraulic power is needed. In addition, the reduction in the hydraulic volume flow and motor speed will also decrease how much noise is generated by the KineSys’s pump and fan.

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