HYDAC / HYCOM is a recognised and certified supplier of hydraulic equipment for high- quality and efficient aircraft maintenance.

Since 1974 HYCOM has been a reliable partner for a wide variety of customers around the globe. The quality of our products and outstanding after sales service has made us the leading manufacturer of hydraulic and fuel related test systems.


Ground support equipment manufactured by Hycom is approved by aircraft manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing and Comac and listed in their maintenance manuals. HYCOM is part of the HYDAC group.

Choose HYDAC / HYCOM for strength, innovation, and flexibility. We offer a comprehensive service package, covering everything from design and engineering to manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance.

Our products are simple to operate, easy to maintain, high quality and have a low total cost of ownership. HYCOM is ISO 9001 certified and also holds the EN 9100:2018 (AS 9100D) certificate for the aviation industry.

We provided a wide range of solutions for maintenance, these are some examples:

  • Hydraulic test stands
  • RAT ground test equipment
  • Hydraulic purifier
  • Internal leakage tester
  • Test benches
  • Hangar supply systems
  • Fuel systems and other miscellaneous



Hydraulic test stands


customer requirements

HYCOM mobile hydraulic test stands are deployed at many aircraft manufacturers, airlines and MRO’s around the world. Thanks to the extensive program, the test stands are available for every aircraft platform.

Hydraulic test stands provide hydraulic supply to the aircraft system in order to perform maintenance and overhaul checks as per aircraft maintenance manual (AMM). Together with the HYCOM ram air turbine test equipment, ground tests are easily performed. The test stands are able to reduce the oil contamination class in the aircraft hydraulic system to NAS class 6 or better.

The test stands are easy to operate using a panel with graphical layout or touch screen. As well as being easy to operate, maintenance costs are low, which in turn means lower total cost of ownership.

Being a very flexible manufacturer we are able to integrate any customer wishes and make requested modifications when required.

HYCOM is listed as a recognised manufacturer of testing equipment in the maintenance manuals of aircraft manufacturers amongst others:

  • Airbus A320 family, A330 (MRTT), A340, A350, A380
  • Boeing 717 (COM-902), 737 Classic (COM-1796), 737 NG / MAX (COM-163), P-8 Poseidon, 767, KC-46, 777 (COM-1796), 787 (COM-8859)
  • Comac ARJ21



RAT ground test equipment


design and estimate

The Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is an important safety feature of modern aircraft as it provides a backup power source that can keep essential systems operating in the event of an emergency.

Ram Air Turbine ground test equipment simulates the operation of the RAT in order to test its performance and ensure that it will function properly in an emergency situation.

Reliable test equipment is required to perform functional testing of the Ram Air Turbine.

HYCOM manufactures RAT ground test equipment for the following aircraft types amongst others:

  • Airbus (A220, A320 family ceo / neo, A330 (MRTT), A340, A350 XWB, A400M)
  • Boing (747-8, VC-25, 787 Dreamliner)
  • Bombardier (C Series)
  • Comac (ARJ21)
  • Embraer (ERJ 170-190 (E2), Lineage 1000).



Hydraulic purifier


Contamination of hydraulic fluids can come in the forms of particles, water and gasses and can cause substantial damage to the aircraft hydraulic system. Therefore, it is of high importance to remove these types of contamination.

The HYCOM purifier cleans the fluid in the aircraft hydraulic system during regular maintenance tasks.

Being a standalone unit it can also be used to purify the internal reservoir, transfer oil from an oil barrel and fill or drain the aircraft reservoir. The integrated particle counter and water sensor allows the operator to monitor the oil quality. The purifier contributes to less downtime, reduction of maintenance costs, extended service intervals and prolonged oil lifetime.



Internal leakage tester


The HYCOM HTT series measure the internal leakage of aircraft hydraulic systems according to ITCAN or TARAN test procedures. The testers include a high accuracy flowmeter and are operated with a touchscreen to provide clear instructions and to set the zero point for example. The leakage testers are adaptable for any type of aircraft.

Suitable for:

  • HTT-01 (All Airbus 3000 psi, Boeing 747, 767, KC-46 and 777)
  • HTT-02 (Boeing 737, P-8 Poseidon)
  • HTT-03 (Boeing 787 , Airbus A350, A380)

Test benches


HYCOM manufactures reliable, user-friendly component test benches for both military and civil aviation. Our test benches are designed to test all types of rotating and non-rotating hydraulic aircraft components.

Our expertise in hydraulic systems and understanding of customer needs ensures our test benches are reliable and easy to operate, significantly reducing the time required to test components according to CMM requirements.

The HYCOM “Advantouch” control system software features a data acquisition system with an integrated CMM editor for automatic testing. Each CMM step can be entered, enabling tests to be performed in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic mode.

Our products are trusted by numerous aircraft operators and maintenance companies, as well as some of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft components.

Hangar supply systems


HYCOM’s built-in and mobile hangar systems offer ideal solutions to common health and safety challenges by reducing noise sources and the need for maintenance personnel on the hangar floor.

HYCOM provides comprehensive, turn-key solutions worldwide, handling everything from piping installation to start-up and on-site training. Electric control systems and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) can be included for safe and efficient operation. 



Fuel systems


The systems can operate with jet fuel, solvents, or test fluids. Where applicable, the design will comply with explosion-proof regulations. HYCOM is renowned for being a flexible partner, capable of addressing any variations.

HYCOM can design and supply electric control systems and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) to ensure safe operation. 


  • Centralised fuel systems
  • Tank leakage trolley
  • Overflow trolley
  • Gauging unit
  • Fuel recycling system
  • Drain reservoirs




HYCOM manufactures a wide selection of miscellaneous aircraft maintenance equipment.

These vary from accessories used with aircraft ground support equipment to aircraft servicing equipment and tools. Furthermore HYCOM has engineering and manufacturing solutions to develop customer specific systems.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Commissioning & Tech Support

Our team of engineers can commission on-site or remotely.


They are experienced at researching, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving customer issues as they arise.


Not only do they have expert problem-solving skills and  knowledge of how operating systems and software work, they are also logical thinkers with interpersonal skills.  


This timely technical support ensures that customers solve any problems they experience at an early and manageable stage.