IO-Link Sensors

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IO-Link enables Industry 4.0/Industrie 4.0 by working as a point-to-point communication protocol. IO-Link works by connecting smart sensors and actuators with an IO-Link master that then converts signals into an ethernet message. It has a digital, bidirectional, point-to-point interface that can be integrated with most automated Industry 4.0 systems. As it can communicate with multiple parameters, this technology is highly recommended for businesses operating in the industrial and logistics sectors.

HYDAC stocks the biggest range of Industry 4.0 sensors and other compatible IO-Link devices in Australia. Our sensors make it straightforward for clients to put into effect a widespread digital communication system on all their machines and processes.

There are countless IO-Link sensors on the market that users can use to obtain data pertaining to equipment and environmental conditions, including ambient temperature, coolant levels, humidity and more. This ensures that manufacturers have complete access to important data points that they might not be able to access via a direct connection to a machine control.

Types of Data That IO-Link Sensors Can Process

  • Process Data – Displays the current condition of Industrie 4.0 sensors and actuators.
  • Service Data – Data pertaining to the device itself, such as its status, diagnostics, configuration information and more.
  • Event Data – Data that has not been incorporated with the process data, as the event is a non-critical or rare occurrence.

The Benefits of Using IO-Link Sensors

  • Improves efficiency
  • Less downtime
  • Better product quality
  • Comes with a globally standardised interface
  • Reduces costs
  • Remote accessibility
  • Automates device replacement capabilities
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Straightforward wiring requirements
  • Complete transparency down to the lowest field level

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