Battery Systems

The battery is the heart of the electrified working machine. The requirements here are particularly high – the contacting and cooling in particular are challenging for manufacturers
and developers. But there are innovative solutions. INVENOX battery systems rely on simply clamping the cells between printed circuit boards and thus completely do without welded joints. Another advantage is that Fantastium – the special contacting material – dampens vibrations and provides greater stability.

Our patented technology

Benefit from the unique advantages of the INVENOX system.

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Modular and versatile: thanks to the battery systems' modular design, you have access to a wide range of INVENOX modules in different sizes - up to a voltage level of 800 V.

Choose the best for your machine's energy supply with INVENOX

  • Powerful: Achieve up to 40 % more energy per vehicle. Thanks to the modular design, we can find the perfect solution for almost any application.
  • Robust: Our flexible contacting material ensures that the cells are installed in a vibration-resistant manner. And without sacrificing efficiency. The highly thermally and electrically conductive material enables perfect performance.
  • Flexible: One design, multiple possibilities – we offer you high-energy or high-performance cells in an ideal design. If required, various cooling options are available for each module. Whether they are air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

LIOS 48 battery system

Innovative, intelligent and powerful

Many manufacturers join battery cells together with high heat input, which makes cells age faster. With our patented contact system, Invenox clamps the cells right between two aluminium core PCBs. Elastic and highly conductive materials ensure vibration-resistant contact, while pole contact cooling effectively dissipates heat. Defective battery cells are easy to replace thanks to the reversible clamp connection, which makes our modules recyclable. For maximum failure protection, our battery management system monitors the condition on two separate levels simultaneously. 

Charging management

With interfaces compatible for use worldwide

Wallboxes, Schuko and CEE connections have different requirements. What they all have in common is the safety of the charging process. In line with the guidelines of the Low Voltage Directive and EMC, we supply you with pre-configured modules. As an important component in our eKit48, we have the right solution for every connection, worldwide. Because our charging technology covers the power ranges from 1.5 to 12 kW and is compatible with supply voltages from 100 to 240 Vac. Equipped with an ECSE controller, a CAN interface and an EVSE compatible communication interface (SAE-J1772 & EN-61851-1), our charging management is in use worldwide.

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