Electric Drive Systems

HYDAC is a leading distributor of Engiro drive systems in Australia. We address your challenges by leveraging our profound proficiency in offering these optimal, efficient and compact electric drive systems (EDS). Our components have demonstrated their reliability since 2018, and with numerous electric drive systems currently deployed in various applications, you also gain access to our well-established expertise, exceptional quality and adaptable modular design.

In addition to our array of electric motors, we also provide comprehensive drive packages. These packages encompass an electric motor, precisely harmonised inverters and compatible cable harnesses, offering you a seamless and perfectly synchronised solution.

Engiro – The Drive Specialist of the HYDAC Group

Engiro was founded in 2010 in Aachen and since January 2022 has been part of the HYDAC group of companies. Engiro develops and produces electric drive systems and solutions for mobile applications. The company has a large portfolio of highly efficient electric motors and generators with high power and torque densities, and a robust design in the range of 5 - 400kW drive power in voltage ranging from 48V to 800V.


  • Hybrid and electric trucks and buses
  • Hybrid and electric marine motors
  • Hybrid and electric municipal machines
  • Hybrid and electric mining machines
  • Hybrid and electric construction machines
  • Hybrid and electric agricultural machines.

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