Oil Testing

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Regular oil testing in equipment is imperative to determine the quality of the lubricants inside a machine. Many machines that malfunction do so because of the poor state of the lubricating oil being used. Oil can become contaminated and have its lubricating capabilities diminished by being exposed to water, fuel or acid, causing machinery to become damaged. Fortunately, determining oil cleanliness can help uncover mechanical problems before they can worsen.

HYDAC works with clients in various industries to ensure the condition of the lubricating oil in their machinery complies with all ISO oil cleanliness standards. This can help with monitoring the state of the machinery and determining if maintenance work is required to reduce operating costs.  

HYDAC uses a state-of-the-art oil condition monitoring system to provide an accurate assessment of the condition of the oil in your machinery. Our oil analysis equipment uses a moisture in oil sensor and other technology to assess the quantity of any chemical content and contamination present, uncover any issues that could cause a breakdown in the future, and determine the general condition of the oil and the machinery.

The Benefits of Oil Testing

  • Minimises servicing and maintenance
  • Improves equipment productivity
  • Reduces oil sampling
  • Minimises oil waste and disposal
  • Reduces downtime
  • Prolongs equipment lifespan
  • Finds issues before they arise

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