Electrification Kits

How much time does electrification take?

Reduced CO2 emissions not only require emission-free technologies and increased system efficiency – what’s really key is implementing innovative concepts quickly to achieve measurable progress in environmental protection.

Electrification in particular often takes a lot of time, because the development process is lengthy and complex. To help you save valuable time to market, we have revolutionised this approach.

Fast, faster, standard system

Reduce development times and get off to an emission-free start

With a conventional V-model approach, the complexity of the individual system packages quickly leads to high resource input and investment costs. The time factor in particular plays a major role, because each individual component and its behaviour must be evaluated and tested in the system.

A holistic approach: HYDAC electrification Kits

Pre-validated systems cut complexity – so you save even more time in developing your electrified machine. That is why we offer holistic electrification kits.

In addition to a uniform diagnostic interface, the overall solution provides all the basic functions.


  • Modular battery pack up to 25 kWh
  • Up to two electric drive sets, e. g. for pump, fan, winch or traction drives
  • AC charging up to 7 kW with EVSE functionality
  • DC charging up to 12 kW (with off-board charger)
  • Power distribution unit
  • ECU with energy and power management and diagnostic interface