Load-Sensing Valves

Load-Sensing Valves

HYDAC Nordhydraulic Load-Sensing Directional Control Valves are available with 1 to 10 sections.

What's more, it presents a nominal flow rate up to 200 l/min and maximum operating pressure of 420 bar.

They are available with manual, hydraulically, electro-hydraulically and electronic control unit. Furthermore, the spool position indicators are optional and they are available in our Mobile Valves program.


  • How many sections/functions can be realised with the LX-6?

    Ten sections or functions. 

    What is the maximum flow and pressure on the pump side and on the working port sides of the LX-6?

    The flexible design provides flows of a maximum of 180L/min at 420 bar on up to eight sections.

    How can the LX-6 be operated?

    Possible spool controls include hand lever, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic.

    What applications are suitable for the LX-6?

    Cranes, forestry, lifting platforms, municipal vehicles, drilling machinery, truck applications, construction, stationary applications, and agriculture are suitable applications.

    What are the key advantages of the LX-6?

    Advantages include: new X-series modular and compact spool controls; mechanical, hydraulic, electrohydraulic and stepper motor controls (optional manual override) spool controls; standard inlets with flanged options (customised solutions on request); energy efficient design of spools and housing; spools with three or four (float) positions, different maximum flows and characteristics; high resolution due to enlarged spool stroke; shock and anti-cavitation valves for load protection; mechanical or electro-proportional, independent LS-limitation; and end element with additional P/T port and flanged option.

    What follows a customer determining that the valve is a basic fit for their application?

    More in-depth discussions take place with the HYDAC team once it is determined that a valve is a fit. 

    From which country is the LX-6 sourced?

    It’s sourced in Australia as it’s manufactured locally.