HYDAC is your professional partner for mining construction. We offer:

Mining / Raw material extraction (coal, potassium, salts etc.)

  • Automatic back-flushing filters (also available in ATEX version) and non-flushing high-pressure block filters for the protective filtration of:
    • HFA before the shield hydraulics (protects the valves and shield hydraulics)
    • Spray water, e.g. for shield spraying or before the coal-cutting machinery
    • Piped water before a chiller for mine ventilation
  • Valve technology in compact construction for water hydraulics and special corrosion protection for the harshest operational demands.

Development (extending the mining claim – logistics (material transport)

  • A multitude of HYDAC products such as, for example:
    • Pressure filter stations
    • Change-over inline filters
    • Electronic pressure transmitters (with ATEX or CSA approval)
    • Hydraulic valves
    • Hydraulic accumulators
    • Accessories
  • Ball Valves and Fluid level gauges and sensors
  • Pipe connections, Hose and Cable couplings, Component mounting
  • Bell Housings and Couplings

These have applications in almost all machines which are used in developing a mining claim. Whether road headers, loaders, side tipper buckets, mobile transport vehicles (dumpers) or hydraulically driven rail transport systems.


  • Compact fluid conditioning (HFA) and servicing (usually) occurs at a central pumping station for face support. The following HYDAC products are used for special applications and functions:
    • Return line filter
    • Special pressure filter/filter element for the HFA fluid filter station
    • Pressure reducing station for the face hydraulics