Ball Valves

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The ball valve is found in almost all hydraulic machinery. Indeed, the development and construction of the HYDAC ball valve range are in response to problems encountered in everyday practice.

Our products are convincing for:
  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Also, safety and
  • Long service life

AnA HYDAC ball valve can be useful in all areas of the hydraulics industry.

Moreover, our stainless steel ball valves serve also in offshore projects thanks to their extremely long service life and the great safety offered.

Ball Valve Benefits

The benefits of the ball valve are numerous. By using HYDAC ball valves in your hydraulic system, you can enjoy:

  • A full-flow passage that guarantees a constant, unimpeded flow of the medium
  • The ability to self-seal thanks to the sealing principle with the valve’s floating ball
  • Actuation that starts easily, whether the pressure is low or high
  • Zero need for maintenance or servicing, and no need to adjust the seal
  • Also, 100% individual testing of each ball valve

Furthermore, HYDAC is renowned for manufacturing high-quality ball valve components. With distributors located across Australia and New Zealand, HYDAC is never too far away.

For more information, please, call your local distributor or contact us online.

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