Railway Technology

Railway Technology

Railway Technology

In term of railway technology, cooling systems, hydraulic systems and accessories are essentials.Indeed, put together they assure fire protection, which is a crucial factor for safety in rail vehicles.

Cooling Systems

  • Areas of application:
    • In intercity and regional transport
    • For trams
    • For Locomotive
  • Cooling systems for:
    • Traction converters
    • Transformers
    • Auxiliary and static inverters
    • Drive motor cooling
  • And combinations of different cooling functions, according to customer specification.
  • Construction of housing components to DIN 6700 C5.
  • Project specific design according to customer specification, having regard to the necessary standards and regulations.
  • Support and service, including commissioning of the vehicles
  • Worldwide production facilities of the cooling systems, ensuring compliance with requirements for Local Content from operators.
  • System training on site.
  • Special models of mobile filling stations to facilitate maintenance work.
  • LCC-RAM design.
  • Measurement of the noise levels using sound intensity probe to ISO 9614-2.
  • Performance evaluation in the test room.
  • Measurement technology:
    • Monitoring of:
      • System pressure
      • Temperature
      • Coolant – flow rate using sensors
    • Switching Functions:
      • Pressure switches
      • Temperature switches
      • Level switches
  • Monitoring:
    • Visual monitoring using FSA, FSK

Hydraulic Systems

  • Hydraulic suspension systems on tram bogies
  • Equalising tanks for transformers built into the reservoir cover

Accessories for

  • Electric cable
  • Cylinders
  • Pipe Ducting

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