Air Cooler, silent series, OSCA


The low noise coolers of OSCA / OSCAF series mostly serve in small and medium hydraulic systems.

Firstly, compact and efficient, they offer high performance with a low noise level in a modular design.

On one hand, the OSCA models with integrated oil circulation pump provide efficient offline cooling of the hydraulic fluid. On the other hand, the OSCAF models with integrated (inside / outside) filter provide additional filtration. Indeed, the OSCAF is using the latest high capacity filter dirt holding development.

What's more, installed off-line, the OSCAF provides efficient cooling and filtration of the hydraulic fluid regardless of the duty cycle of the hydraulic system. Plus, the cooler can be sized perfectly to the necessary cooling performance, rather than to the maximum return-line flow rate. So, the off-line installation will also eliminate flow variances of the hydraulic fluid. It will also eliminate the resulting pressure spikes which potentially could lead to a premature cooler failure.


  • A stable cooling and filtration (independent of the cycle times of the system)
  • Also, the avoidance of pressure surges in the cooling element
  • The design of the cooler is in accordance with the cooling capacity required (not according to the maximum possible return flow volume)

Low noise

  • Utilizes compact low noise screw pump
  • Small in size and low in weight
  • Easy to attach external exhaust ducts
  • The integration of several features in one unit: pumping, cooling, filtration
  • No additional piping; fewer potential leak points
  • Also, an integrated filter with inside-outside filter technology; magnetic particle trap and standard 2.5 bar pressure bypass included
  • And a low and easy maintenance (only one plug to remove for filter element change)
Application Field:

Systems with small and medium hydraulic systems, such as:

  • Lubrication systems
  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulic
    • Presses
    • Systems
    • Lifts
Air Cooler silent series OSCA

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