Direct Acting, Flat Seat Valve, Cartridge - RBE 1/4 - 3/4

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The hose burst valve RBE is a flow operated flat seat valve.

So, in the event of a hose burst, it can prevent uncontrolled movement in the consumer.

How does it work?

The hose burst valve is open in the normal position and allows flow in both directions. If there is an excess of the pre-set actuating flow rate as a result of a hose burst, for example, the valve quickly closes and blocks the flow from port 1 to port 2.

See datasheet for drawings, dimensions, model code, etc...

  • Hose burst valves for direct installation in cylinders, lines and control blocks
  • Highly reliable thanks to fast response
  • Unauthorized adjustment not possible once installed
  • Choice of four sizes for optimum adaptability to the system
  • Different flow rate settings available as an option
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