Direct Acting, Poppet Type - WSM06020Y-70


The WSM06020Y-70 is suitable for particularly low flow rates. Its design is especially for use as a pilot valve.

When the solenoid coil has no more energy, the valve is open in both directions. When the solenoid coil has energy, it closes the valve from port 2 to port 1. In the reverse direction the, valve will allow flow when the hydraulic force exceeds the solenoid force (from approx. 300 bar depending on operating voltage and coil temperature).

  • Version -70 for particularly low flow rates
  • External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof
  • Hardened and ground internal valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • The coil seals protect the solenoid system
  • Also, a wide variety of connectors available
  • An excellent switching performance by high power HYDAC solenoid
Direct Acting Poppet Type WSM06020Y70

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