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The ETS 3800 is a compact electronic temperature switch with a 4-digit digital display.

The model for separate temperature probe has a measuring range of -30 .. +150 °C. Therefore, its utilisation is primarily with the temperature probe TFP 100, which was specially developed for tank mounting.

It is also possible, however, to use standard PT 100 temperature probes. Indeed, different output models with one or two switching outputs, and with the possible option of an additional analogue output signal, offer a variety of application possibilities.

Also, the adjustment of the switching points and the associated hystereses can be very quickly and easily using the keypad.

Furthermore, for optimum adaptation to the particular application, the unit has many additional adjustment parameters (e.g. switching delay times, N/C / N/O function, etc.).


  • 2 switching outputs, up to 1.2 A load per output
  • An analogue output signal selectable (4 .. 20 mA / 0 .. 10 V)
  • A 4-digit display
  • The rotation for Optimum alignment - display can be in two planes (axes)
  • Also, a set up for switching / switch-back points and many useful additional functions is possible using keypad
  • And the display of temperature and unit of measurement in °C or °F
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

ETS3800 Separate Temperature Probe with Menu Navigation to VDMA

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