FCU 1000 Series

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The FCU 1000 is a portable service unit for short-term of particle contamination, the humidity level in % saturation and temperature of the fluid in hydraulic systems. What's more, it is possible to supply an integral pump and hoses in order to use the FCU 1000 series for the following applications:

  • Control circuits
  • Pressure circuits
  • Unpressurized tanks

Moreover, in the internal FCU 1310 memory, we store all measured data (ISO, SAE/NAS, % saturation and temperature in °C or °F) in files (measured value file) and folders (test points). In addition, data storage is a time stamp.

Therefore, we can carry out the evaluation conveniently on a PC in MS Excel or in our FluidMonitoring Software (FluMoS), Version 1.30 or higher.


  • Hydraulic systems
  • Service for mobile hydraulics
  • Also, maintenance


  • Cleanliness classes to ISO and SAE or NAS
  • Also, an integrated AquaSensor AS 1000 for measuring humidity and temperature
  • And it is suitable for hydraulic fluids up to 350 mm²/s (hydraulic fluids up to ISO VG 68)

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  • In what form is measured data stored in the HYDAC FCU 1000’s internal memory?

    All measured HYDAC FCU 1000 data (ISO, SAE/NAS, per cent saturation and temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit) comes with a timestamp in its measured value file and test point folder storage.

    What is the value of a timestamp on stored data in HYDAC’s FCU 1000?

    The value of a timestamp on stored data in HYDAC’s FCU 1000 is convenient evaluation of data on a PC in MS Excel or in HYDAC’s FluidMonitoring Software (FluMoS), version 1.30 or higher.

    What applications are suitable for HYDAC’s FCU 1000?

    HYDAC FCU 1000 applications span hydraulic systems; service for mobile hydraulics and maintenance (suitable for hydraulic fluids up to 350 mm² / ISO VG 68). Due to its integral pump and hoses, it is possible to use the FCU 1000 series for control circuit, pressure circuit and unpressurised tank applications. 

    What are features and specifications of the HYDAC FCU 1000?

    The HYDAC FCU 1000 short-term operating mode is S4 in accordance with DIN EN 60034/VDE 0530 and its cleanliness classes in accordance with ISO and SAE and/or NAS (measurement range calibrated to ISO 13/11/10 and ISO 23/21/18 and measurement range display to ISO Code 9/8/7 [MIN] to ISO Code 25/24/23 [MAX]). A notable feature is an integrated Aqua Sensor AS 1000 for measuring humidity and temperature.