HDA 8700


The pressure transmitter series HDA 8700 serves for the OEM market, e.g. in mobile applications. Like most of our pressure transmitter series, the HDA 8700 is based on a robust and long-life thin-film sensor.

Moreover, all parts (sensor and pressure connection) which are in contact with the fluid are from stainless steel and are welded together. This means there are no possible sites of leakage inside the sensor (elimination of leakage).

What's more, the pressure transmitters are available in various pressure ranges from 0 .. 40 bar up to 0 .. 600 bar. Also, standard analogue output signals are available (e.g. 4 .. 20 mA, 0 .. 5 V, 1 .. 6 V or 0 .. 10 V) for integration into modern controls (e.g. with PLC). On the other hand, ratiometric output signals are also available and various built-in connections are available for the electrical connection.

In addition, a basic accuracy of max. ? ± 0.5 % FS, combined with a small temperature drift, ensures a broad range of applications for the HDA 8700.


  • An accuracy ? ± 0.25 % FS typ.
  • An outstanding performance in terms of temperature effect and EMC
  • Also, a very compact design
  • And it has ECE type approval (approved for road vehicles)
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

HDA 8700

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