HDP Diesel PreCare


The HYDAC HDP Diesel PreCare filter series is a diesel filter with a flow capacity up to 600 l/h.

The Diesel PreCare is an innovative system for diesel pre filtration. It protects vehicle manufacturers and operators against breakdowns, downtimes and expensive service calls. The HYDAC solution "Diesel PreCare" is available as a cup filter in two versions:

  • Manual water discharge (BestCost) – the conventional, operator-dependent solution.
  • Fully automatic water discharge Plug&Play (HighTech) – the innovative solution for fully automatic dewatering, independent of the operator, even during suction-side operation.

Our "HYDAC Diesel PreCare" solution for efficient diesel filtration is available as a cup filter in two versions:

  • Diesel Pre-Filter in BestCost Design with manual water drainage as a user-dependent solution.
  • Diesel Pre-Filter in HighTech Design with fully automatic drainage Plug&Play as an innovative solution for user-independent, fully-automatic dewatering, even during suction operation.

These filters have special features:

  • Outstanding performance data achieved by 2-stage water removal
  • Superb filtration characteristics through the use of synthetic media
Both systems have pre-filters on the suction side. Therefore, they protect all components of the fuel system against water and particulate contamination.

HYDAC Diesel MainCare, for highest dirt retention capacities:

What's more, our solution for efficient diesel main filtration HYDAC Diesel MainCare (HDM) offers highest dirt retention capacities. It also matches, in terms of micron rating, the requirements of modern injection systems. Thanks to its simple assembly and service, as well as the excellent filtration performance on the engine, this filter is usually the ambitious users' first choice.

Moreover, the fully combustible filter element, as well as the optimal use of materials, conserve our environment.

HDP Diesel PreCare

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