HYFLEX - The modular manifold for mobile machines

HYDAC herewith presents the modular manifold system for the working hydraulics in mobile machines.

The performance range is depending on the module 0-60 (100) L/min. Indeed, its adjustment is about the complex and flexible demands of the mobile hydraulics (e.g. municipal-, agricultural- and construction machines).

The existing valve technology of HYDAC is the base for the system. Moreover, HYDAC incorporates the special demands of the mobile branch to the system: compact, enlargeable, weight-optimized and service-friendly.

Furthermore, reduction of machine development times at the producers of mobile work machines will happen more and more. This will be as well as the times between project start and production start. Here the manifold system is an optimal development tool: the machine producer defines a basic machine (Standard), with possible enlargement with more options.

What's more, exactly according to this schematic, choice, and definition of a basic manifold system and optional modules will be possible. A short delivery time and the flexibility, which allows integrating options in an easy way at every time of the process, are securing a fast and successful project start.

Application competence and reaction promptness are the decisive competitive advantages, which the system transfers to the producers of work hydraulics. By specific accommodation of the system, the fulfillment of customers demands will be optimal.

HYFLEX The modular manifold for mobile machines

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