HYDAC Gas Filters GCF are high-performance change-over duplex coalescing filters in stainless steel. They are for use in dry gas seals in turbo compressors. What’s more, all the filter components, including the filter housings, are made of stainless steel machined parts without weld connections. They also comply with the requirements of API 614-5.

HYDAC Gas Coalescer Filter GCF:

    • Cleaning and conditioning of sealing gas
    • Reducing wear and tear on sealing gas seals


    • High-performance, change-over duplex filters in stainless steel
    • All filter apparatus and the respective filter housings are comprised as a basic principle of stainless steel rotary parts without welding joints and correspond to the specifications of API
    • There are basically two different standard versions of the Gas Filter GCF: In a simple coalescer version preferably for "dry" gases and in a coalescer version with integrated cyclone pre-separators for applications with wet gases in which aerosols, oil mists and/or condensates must be anticipated