Haul truck technology

Haul truck technology

Electric drive haul trucks


HYDAC has a solution for haul truck wheel motors that avoids wearing of components and synthetic lubricant life shortening, and all unwanted accompanying consequences.

Several mining haul truck manufacturers use GE Electric wheel motors on the rear of their haul truck range.

Each truck has two-wheel motors that contain 40-50l of synthetic final drive gear oil ranging between 460 – 680cSt at 40°C depending on the model and climate.


Haul truck preventative maintenance requirements

Haul truck preventative maintenance requirements include:

  • final drive oil to be kidney looped with offline filtration during service.

This procedure only provides temporary clean up and protection of wheel components, with contamination levels rising during normal operation.

As a result, contamination levels with significant wear debris can rise to unacceptable levels between preventative maintenance intervals, which results in wearing of components and shortened life of the synthetic lubricant.


Clean oil, smooth operation

The HYDAC solution is to install a Compact OLF 5/4 model connected into the individual wheel motor lubrication reservoirs, which are integral to the rear wheel motor housing.

The assemblies rated for up to 7000cSt are well suited for duty and can be installed with varying levels of filtration down to 1µm to provide effective contamination control and the reduction of internally generated wear debris.

The motor powering the OLF can be converted to the voltage required.

HYDAC supplies a 24V DC model for this application: (part Number: 3139078 OLF-5/4- S-200-U-Z-BM).

As a result of installation, and after initial clean-up of the wheel motor system, the wheel motors maintain a constant acceptable level of oil contamination, which in turn reduces the generation of wear debris.

Benefits provided include:

  • Fluid life extension
  • Reduced component wear and increased component life
  • Reliability


For further information download the relevant pdf athttps://www.hydac.com.au/industries/mining