Extraction of the raw materials

Extraction of the raw materials

Mining raw materials by the longwall or room-and-pillar methods necessitates servicing and protection of components such as the water, HFA and hydraulic systems.

For mining activities, HYDAC supplies:

  • Concepts for pressure filtration, return line filtration and offline filtration
  • Filter elements stable up to 350 bar differential pressure
  • Valves
  • Complete systems, e.g. for offline filtration
  • Cylinders for all machines and equipment used underground

Automatic AutoFilt® RF3 back-flushing filter
for water preparation for nozzle system and cooling system


Longwall extraction with shearers                                       High pressure filter station for filtration of longwall hydraulics or spray water


Room-and-pillar extension with Continuous Miner            Sign, cylinder for pressures up to 1,500 bar