Grinding machine technology

Grinding machine technology

Components, systems, and services for grinding machines

From component to system, sensors, hydraulics, cooling, and cooling lubricant, HYDAC has the solution when it comes to grinding machines.


When it comes to hydraulics, HYDAC supplies the power units and controls for workpiece clamping, dressing procedure, tailstock traverse, lubrication, axis clamping, swivel arm operation, counterbalance, and tool change.


As to electronic sensor systems and condition monitoring, HYDAC supplies sensors for indication, checking and monitoring of clamping pressure, fluid temperature, oil level and tank lubricant cooling, flow rate, position, and distance.


HYDAC supplies active and passive cooling systems for cooling of grinding spindle and workpiece spindle, linear motors, axes, cooling lubricant, hydraulic oil, and control cabinets.


HYDAC has on offer valves to supply internal coolant to tools, tool holder flushing, machine bed flushing, and external flushing of workpiece. It also has a fine filter to protect the valves, LP and HP pumps.


System solutions include a cylinder with and integrated distance measuring system and hydraulic counterbalance to relieve the mass of vertical machining spindles.

Also on offer are fluid panels, including hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling lubricant, electronics, cooling, and lubrication, in a ‘plug and play’ solution for grinding machinery.



Sensor systems and condition monitoring components contribute to increased productivity, a high level of machine safety, effective mechanical efficiency in the grinding machine and high-quality machining.

The HYDAC portfolio includes sensors to display, check and monitor pressure, fluid temperatures, tank level, flow rate, and workpiece support among others.

  • Instrumentation that HYDAC supplies includes
  • pressure transmitters/pressure switches,
  • linear position and distance sensors,
  • level switches/level transmitters,
  • and temperature transmitters/temperature switches 



To enable complete machining with just one clamping operation, grinding machines come in a variety of designs.

The HYDAC compact power unit, in combination with the HL or ML valve stacking system, which acts as the control logic, serves all the main and secondary hydraulic functions such as workpiece clamping, dressing procedure, workpiece spindle clamping, grinding spindle turret, counterbalance, axis clamping and lubrication.


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