Machining centre technology

Machining centre technology

Innovative solutions specially for machining centres

HYDAC has a wealth of components and services specifically developed for machining centres.

The components have evolved from the fields of hydraulics, cooling, electronics, and cooling lubricant management.

Intelligent integration of these products creates innovative and technologically advanced subsystems and complete systems for use in machining centres.


Machining centre customer benefits

Customer benefits include the following.

  • Cost optimisation through customised system solutions that use standard components
  • Reduction in number of models through standardisation and modular construction
  • Fluid engineering and service (support in technical design)
  • Customised solutions: designs can be tailored to individual customer requirements


Start-stop power units for energy-optimised, needs-based provision of hydraulic energy


  • Sensors (IO-Link, smart)
  • Measuring equipment and data recorders
  • Network interface modules
  • Accessories

Valve technology

  • Valve stacking systems to control hydraulic functions
  • Coaxial valves to control non-hydraulic media

System solutions

  • Customised, self-supporting units with all components for fluid control
  • Project-oriented solutions for complex fluid control requirements, including necessary calculations


  • Ball valves
  • Fluid level gauges and fluid level sensors
  • Mounting technology


  • Inline filter for ultrafine filtration to protect components
  • Filter housing with optional change-over and monitoring functions
  • Compact back-flushing filter, low-maintenance


  • Active and passive cooling systems for cooling drives, machine elements, hydraulic fluids, and cooling lubricants
  • Cold plates for cooling power electronics


  • Digitalisation of machine functions, states, and processes:
  • Visualisation, evaluation and interpretation  
  • Documentation, warnings, and recommendations
  • Software for machining centre – way to Industry 4.0


HYDAC CMX hardware and software suite for hydraulic process digitalisation 

The CMX suite is equipped with hardware and software kits that provide individual modules for digitalising machine functions, states, and processes either on local servers on the customer’s premises or in the cloud.

In addition to sounding malfunction alarms and providing visual representations of machines and production lines, the suite can suggest recommended actions and identify potential optimisations.

The user can programme their own logic or integrate their own algorithms.

The CMX suite undergoes constant development, especially in terms of responding to customer requirements.

  • Connecting data sources – CMX FieldIntegrator
  • Evaluation and interpretation – CMX Analytics
  • Visualisation – CMX Dash
  • Documentation, warnings, and recommendations – CMX Alert
  • Storage and management – CMX Core


HYDAC CMX applications for machining centres

HYDAC CMX applications span the following.

  • Stipulations in the machine or system operating instructions must be followed. Edge at the machine (Data+)
  • On customer servers (SCADA)
  • As a CMX cloud service


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