Rotating equipment technology

Rotating equipment technology

Components, systems, and services for rotating equipment


HYDAC provides a comprehensive portfolio combining technology, products and services that cover all aspects of rotating equipment.

In the chemicals industry, rotating equipment includes all types of compressors and process pumps, as well as turbines and turbo expanders.

In recent times, the chemicals industry has been faced with demands to produce their products in a more environmentally friendly way, which ideally involves offsetting any resources used.

This trend is set to continue.

More and more product cycles are implementing recycling techniques, and gas that is already pressurised is used either to drive other rotating equipment or to generate power.

For the systems used, this means constant product optimisation, even at a component level.

Optimised and integrated product solutions and sustainable reductions in system costs become necessary.

In this regard, HYDAC’s key focus is on providing a complete fluid technology approach for customers in the form of system solutions.

The company already supplies integrated product and service solutions in all sectors of industry.

An important part of an integrated solution in fluid technology is a comprehensive product range for service tasks such as fluid monitoring and conditioning.

The provision of service units, measuring equipment and manpower for service assignments across the globe also forms part of HYDAC’s business.

“Be it lubrication systems, gas panels, pulsation dampers for dosing pumps, supply of control oil for turbines or electric or electro-hydraulic fitting adjustment, HYDAC supplies components and systems for a wide variety of tasks,” a HYDAC spokesperson comments.

“With our know-how, we can find a suitable solution.”


Systems – rotating equipment

HYDAC builds and supplies lubrication and cooling systems, oil supply systems for mechanical seals and systems for conditioning or control of seal gas for dry gas seals.

Furthermore, HYDAC can produce both electro-hydraulic complete systems comprising power units and servo-cylinders and electric cylinders for the fittings.


  • For gear lubrication and cooling
  • With lifting systems for supplying mechanical seals
  • With bladder and piston accumulator stations for emergency lubrication

Standard, modular oil supply system

  • 50–250l as a lubricating oil system module
  • Up to 100000 litre tank volume as a customised solution

Oil systems according to API

  • Chapter 2 (special applications with high safety requirements)
  • Chapter 3 (normal hazard level)


  • Lubricating and cooling system for the mechanical seals
  • According to API 53 B
  • With ribbed piping with free or forced air convection Stainless steel or carbon steel bladder accumulator


  • According to API 614 Chapter 4
  • For closed-loop control and monitoring of the pressure and flow rate of the seal gas
  • For uninterrupted, continuous use even under critical conditions
  • With HYDAC gas particle filter, gas coalescer filters


  • Electro-hydraulic safety controls EHC according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
  • Safety controls EHC-S, modular design using standard components (SIL-enabled)
  • Drive concepts EHC-A, also available as free-standing drives EHC-AA (SIL-enabled)
  • Electro-hydraulic oil supply EHC-U z HEZ electric cylinders


International safety standards for rotating equipment

In sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in mining, in the production of crude oil and natural gas and in the food industry (particularly in mills), flammable substances are worked with in various processing and manufacturing procedures.

This means that dangerous situations continually arise that can result in explosions and jeopardise people’s safety.

Furthermore, systems under high pressure are covered, which may be filled with toxic or explosive media.

Accidents have often occurred and keep on occurring with these pressure vessels.

To counter this danger, international standards and legal frameworks have been created that describe the design, materials, construction and monitoring of systems and components.

These include, for example, the Machinery Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive, the ATEX and IECEx explosion protection directives, ISO standards, ASME VIII Div. 1 and API.

As a company with many years of global experience in component and system construction, HYDAC meets all the required national and international standards.


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