Secondary Functions / Service, Balance of Plant (BoP)

Secondary Functions / Service, Balance of Plant (BoP)

HYDAC provides a comprehensive portfolio combining technology, products, and service covering the Balance of Plant (BoP) technology.

Treatment of water-based media
Automatic back-flushing filter for boiler feed-water treatment (filtration) in the water/steam cycle.

  • Cooler protection
  • Nozzle protection (e.g. sprinkler system)
  • Sealing water filtration for seal protection

Treatment and conditioning of hydraulic and lubricating media

  • Oil-conditioning units FluidAqua Mobile FAM dehydrating, degassing, and filtering hydraulic and lubrication fluids

Fluid conditioning units for separating solid particle contamination from hydraulic and lubricating media

  • Stationary power units (e.g. OLF offline filter)
  • Mobile power units (e.g. FluidCleaner Mobil)
  • Optional: Integrated fluid sensors

HYDAC filter elements Optimicron® Power and Stat-Free®

  • Specially developed for use in modern, low conductivity oils and fire-resistant fluids

VMU VarnishMitigation Unit for treating mineral oils

  • Removal of oil ageing products (varnish)
  • Ion eXchange Unit IXU for treating fire-resistant fluids