Thermal energy sector technology

Thermal energy sector technology

Components, systems, and services for thermal power plants


HYDAC supplies fluid technology for the thermal energy sector.

Power generation from thermal power plants continues to play an important role when it comes to guaranteeing supply security.

This power capacity can be achieved through new builds or retrofitting old plants.

Retrofitting plants necessitates improved efficiency

In recent times, the industry has seen a huge increase in retrofitting. This has necessitated improvements in plant efficiency.

For hydraulic and lubrication systems, this signifies continuous product optimisation, even at the component level, optimised and integrated product solutions, and sustainable system cost reductions.

For this reason, HYDAC provides a comprehensive portfolio combining technology, products and services covering all aspects of thermal power plant technology.


System solutions for thermal energy sector

In this regard, HYDAC’s key focus is on providing a complete fluid technology approach for customers in the form of system solutions.

It already offers integrated product and service solutions in all areas of power generation from

  • hydraulic control systems for gas and steam turbines, generator bearing and drive lubrication systems,  
  • turbines and
  • compressors to
  • gas and liquid fuel filter systems.


Thermal energy sector comprehensive product range

An important part of an integrated solution in fluid technology is a comprehensive product range for service tasks like fluid monitoring and conditioning, for example.

Provision of service units, measuring equipment and manpower for service assignments across the globe also form part of HYDAC’s business.

Thermal energy sector cost optimisation

Cost optimisation is achieved through customised system solutions using standard components for fluid technology.


Thermal energy sector condition monitoring

In addition, HYDAC offers a complete range of products for condition monitoring of hydraulic and lubrication oil circuits as well as full-service packages for:

  • Electro-hydraulic systems
  • Oil systems for bearing and turbo drive lubrication
  • Hydraulic lifting systems (start, stop, review)
  • Automatic water filtration systems for cooler and nozzle protection, for waste gas (NOX) and ash treatment


Thermal energy sector areas covered

In this sector HYDAC covers:

  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Steam turbine control
  • Fuel gas filtration
  • Compressors
  • Turbine/generator, lubrication
  • Gas turbine control
  • Secondary functions/service, Balance of Plant (BoP)
  • Flue gas conditioning


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