Wheel loader components, systems and services

Wheel loader components, systems and services

Components, systems, and services for wheel loaders


HYDAC offers a wide range of sector-specific components and systems for use in wheel loader applications.

The offering spans hydraulics, cooling, electronics, software, and control technology in addition to standard products.

The company’s intelligent integration of products creates innovative and technologically advanced subsystems and complete systems to match the increased requirements of specialist machinery.


Wheel loader challenges

The development of modern machinery is characterised by shared requirements across various wheel loader sizes.

Ever more complex open-loop and closed-loop control processes go hand-in-hand with the enhancement of the productivity and efficiency of machines.

HYDAC supports machine operators and optimises work processes through modern electronic assistance and visualisation systems.

Changes to the regulatory framework result also result in increased investment in machine functional safety and wheel loader drive and control system development.


HYDAC’s contribution to overcome wheel loader challenges

HYDAC offers a variety of components and systems that overcome wheel loader challenges and meet customer demands.

The company offers a comprehensive modular system designed for wheel loader applications.

It also is at hand to develop customised solutions for devices.


Benefits of HYDAC technology for wheel loaders

HYDAC’s development team and application engineers work continuously to further develop, with the focus on the following.

 Increases in:

  • Excavation and digging performance (high tearing and breakaway forces). This centres on use of energy-efficient pumps and valve technology, optimal positioning in working positions with sensitive controls, and accurate repeatability for automatic and control functions.
  • Corrosion resistance owing to surface coating and special materials.

Reduction in:

  • Piping and installation expenditure due to a combined hydraulic function unit.
  • Noise emissions and power consumption through regulated fan speeds.
  • Driver exposure to dust due to cabin ventilation systems
  • Hydraulic oil tank sizes by optimising air separation in hydraulic oil, proven through simulation and testing.
  • Installation space, component weight and electrical power requirement by reducing solenoid valve sizes.
  • Driver learning curve through intelligent control and visualisation systems
  • Software development time by using tested and certified software libraries.
  • Development time due to modular systems and industry know-how.
  • Assembly time through control technology tailored to customer specifications.

Extension of:

  • Maintenance intervals by monitoring hydraulic oil quality.


Wheel loader technology customer benefits

Customers benefit as follows from using HYDAC wheel loader technology:

Energy efficiency

  • -Reduced fuel consumption
  • -Lower hydraulic losses
  • -Energy saving and recovery
  • -Precise cooling-requirement temperature control
  • -Reduced electrical power requirement


  • Certified software modules
  • Systems for functional safety
  • Service life increase through material protection  

Noise reduction

  • Lower noise level in fan control partial-load range

Health and safety

  • Reduced driver exposure to dust
  • Reduced driver exposure to aerosol

Less space occupation

  • Combined functional units
  • Integrated tank and filter systems
  • Function integration
  • Reduced number of components
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced joints and leakage points


  • Improved working environment for the driver
  • Sustained driver performance on longer jobs


  • Compliance with emissions directives
  • Reduced nitrogen oxide and CO2 emissions


System intelligence

Electro-hydraulic system solutions as interface between actuators and sensors.

The demands of modern wheel loaders are leading to ever-increasing control system complexity.

HYDAC is ever at hand to meet the requirements of modern machines that require a variety of assistance and control systems wherever simpler operating concepts and a better overview and controllability of machine functions are necessary.


For further information on all HYDAC has to offer wheel loaders, download the relevant pdf at bottom of page at: https://www.hydac.com.au/industries/mining