Innovative Element Technology - Stat-Free

The use of modern environmentally-friendly hydraulic and lubrication oils, together with compact systems and finer filtration, exacerbates the problem of electrostatic charge and discharge.

As a result, integration of components into the system has a sever restriction in their function or are even damaged. Electrostatic discharges destroy filter elements, damage valves and sensors and can even cause explosions in the hydraulic tank. In addition, they accelerate oil ageing.

To ensure that the whole system operates economically and without risk, it is essential to use filter systems. Indeed, they are capable of absorbing oil ageing products and can prevent dangerous electrostatic discharges from occurring. It's possible to avoid unscheduled and costly oil changes by using this system of filters. With our innovative StatFree® series of elements, we have an effective solution to the occurrence of charging and discharging in the hydraulic and lube circuit.

The specifically designed Electrostatic Test Rig (verified by TÜV and other numerous field tests) allowed us to find drawn and to create an element technology. This technology inhibits the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge in the filter element. It also significantly reduces the charge in the oil. In the following pages, we closely examine the principles and consequences of electrostatic charge and discharge in the hydraulic circuit. We also demonstrate the advantages of the new Stat-Free® element technology.



Innovative Element Technology StatFree

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