Sandwich Plate CETOP


The sandwich plate is mounted before DN06 / DN10 directional valves. It, therefore, serves to isolate all channels at the same time via a common spindle.

Moreover, it operates manually using an opened spanner SW9. This means that this is possible to quickly change the directional valve mounted on the sandwich plate. And this is possible without having to relieve the pressure or drain the system, and with a minimum of leakage.

What's more, in normal operation, all channels are open. Plus, two screws secure and lock the spindle to prevent unauthorized operation.


  • A reduction in downtimes for hydraulic systems
  • A minimum of internal leakage during normal operation
  • A minimum of leakage during the short time when the valve is being replaced
  • Also, it is not necessary to vent the line after changing the components
  • And it is possible to change the components without risk of accidents because of the channels' isolation
Sandwich Plate CETOP

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