MATCH – Machine Application Toolchain

MATCH is a TÜV-certified software suite for the development and maintenance of control software for mobile machinery.

The platform provides optimally coordinated solutions over the entire machine lifecycle and enables rapid realisation of safety functions.

Benefit from a constantly growing number of features, an efficient continuous development process and future-proof application development – with MATCH.

The main highlight: with MATCH, you can incorporate aspects of functional safety into the development of your control systems from the beginning. The embedding of safety standards is consistently supported across the entire development process; with MATCH, you can rapidly design and realise new applications for complex vehicle or machine controls, but also quickly redesign existing machines, machine parts and functions – with consistent data and incorporation of functional safety aspects from the beginning.

All safety-relevant modules are TÜV-certified. Our portfolio also includes extensive accessories and electro-hydraulic subsystems, which we have developed on the basis of MATCH.

MATCH enables you to develop safety-related applications in accordance with the V-model – with time savings of up to 50%.


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