Monoblock Directional Control Valve - RM 270 light


The HYDAC RM 270 light is a monoblock valve. It has a max. operating pressures up to 210 bar and max. pump flows up to 120 l/min.

Therefore, it is available with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 sections per valve. Moreover, the valve comes with an open center for fixed displacement pumps. The valve operation can be manual or by pneumatic and electro-pneumatic remote control.

The "Super Rapid" range of the valve is optimized for a maximum lowering flow of 185 l/min. It also allows lowering at the same time as another function is pressurized without the use of pump flow.

What's more, the valve offers excellent operating characteristics because of the specially designed spools for different applications. Low and uniform spool forces are the result of the careful balancing of the flow forces.


The typical applications are cranes, tippers, refuse trucks, multi-bucket systems, and roller container vehicles. Several special versions of RM 270 light fulfil many other applications.

Monoblock Directional Control Valve RM 270 light

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