HYDAC Tools app

HYDAC Tools app

HYDAC is proud to announce the release of its brand new app, HYDAC Tools.

You can download our app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or simply by clicking on the red button below when you are on your mobile phone.

HYDAC Tools is an app designed for Engineers, Project Managers and everyone else involved with fluid power, motion and control and automation. This app presents features that will help you in your daily activities, such as cylinder calculations, unit conversions, filter sizing software, fluid care information, hydraulic pump selection, brochures, technical training enrolment, and much more.

By using our HYDAC Tools app you can accurately and quickly complete some of your tasks, therefore increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Some of the features:


  • HYDAC hydro-pneumatic accumulator sizing software (ASPlight)

ASPlight enables you to calculate all the necessary parameters such as pressure, volume, and temperature for the isothermal or adiabatic charging and discharging processes of an accumulator.

  • HYDAC filter selection software (FilterIT2)

The integrated filter calculation programme determines the ideal filtration solution for your system and simultaneously provides you with all the information relating to your chosen product, including, for example, technical data, product data, performance indicators, spare parts lists, drawings and 3D models. You can access all of this information easily and you can even have it summarised on a customised data sheet.

  • HYDAC Betterfit database

Search for type-codes of HYDAC filter elements for our competitors’ housings.

  • HYDAC Accu-Mont

Select the accumulator mounting technology.


  • Cylinder calculations
  • Pressure conversions
  • Volume conversions
  • Flow conversions
  • Measurement conversions and
  • Gravitational force

Fluid care

In this section, you will find the following:

  • Classification of base oils, hydraulic oils, and food-grade oils
  • Viscosity – ISO/SAE comparison chart
  • Causes and consequences of contamination in the oil
  • Cleanliness classes
  • Cleanliness requirements
  • Information on solid, liquid, gel-like and gaseous contamination

Pump Selection

Select your HYDAC hydraulic axial piston pump and/or external gear pump. Simply choose the displacement, pressure, mounting flange, shaft rotation, control type, and other filters. In the end, you will get an accurate model code used to place your order and the pump drawings.

Technical training enrolment

HYDAC offers practical courses on a variety of hydraulic topics. From understanding the basics of hydraulics to tackling specific products, such as thermal optimisation, filtration, and electronics; these courses are designed to keep engineers on top of their game.

You can enrol in our training courses straight from the app. You have an option to pay online or pay later.


Download our latest brochures. The brochures are grouped by product category and can be found in several languages.

What’s more, you can easily locate our branch, get directions, call and send messages to us. You can also participate in our industry related forum, and much more! All these features are available with a click of a button.

Download our app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or simply go to our website on your mobile phone and click on the “Launch HYDAC Tools app” button.

Download our app today!