Lube system solution for iron ore mining in Western Australia.

Lube system solution for iron ore mining in Western Australia.

HYDAC provided a lubrication system solution to an iron ore mining operation in the Western Australia region.

The problem

In this mining operation, the lubrication systems are used on an industrial gearbox which has a function of driving the conveyor belt that transports the iron ore.The original lubrication system was designed in Europe and it was made for European conditions, therefore it didn’t last the harsh Australian climate and corrosion conditions, resulting in several overheating issues.

The solution

We provided a lubrication system that offered a ‘plug & play’ turnkey solution for Industrial Gearboxes, especially for the ones that use a conveyor to transport iron ore.

Our solution was equipped with mine rated SEW Eurodrive electrical motors, high-efficiency air blast coolers, duplex filtration, electrical junction box, screw pumps, sensors, skid, and cyclone proof roof designed for a long-lasting peace of mind of the end-user.

This project has been commissioned in 2013 and, as a result of our products quality and reliability,they have been successfully working after 5 years of operation. See recent (2018) photos below:

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