Sustainable and climate-neutral heating and cooling systems for geothermal power

Sustainable and climate-neutral heating and cooling systems for geothermal power

Geothermal power and the thermal use of surface water and wastewater are making an important contribution to the transition to renewable energy and sustainable energy supply. We work with you to shape the future of renewable energies with our comprehensive and tried-and-tested systems, components and services in heat transfer, cooling and filtration.


Safety & efficiency in geothermal power

To operate geothermal power plants and plants for thermal surface water utilisation economically, a constant flow rate of the "energy producing" water and a low pressure loss of the installed components are essential. Thermal water tends to crystallise previously dissolved substances, however, and surface and wastewater also contains contamination particles. This can lead to a reduction in the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchangers due to fouling / scaling. The consequences: Additional downtime and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance work.

To avoid these economic consequences, HYDAC makes maintenance easy for you. We have developed specialised filter technologies with low differential pressures that withstand heat and contamination without the need for constant filter changes. This allows you to stabilise your processes and effortlessly achieve a constant flow rate.

Our product solutions
HYDAC automatic filters AutoFilt®

Our self-cleaning automatic filters protect heat exchangers, pumps and other components in surface water utilisation, deep geothermal energy or near-surface geothermal energy with filtration ratings of 25 to 3000 µm. They also reduce contamination in water-to-water heat pumps when heating and cooling building technology. Thanks to their flexible design, our automatic filters are ideal for retrofitting in existing systems.

HYDAC inline filters & screen basket filters

Our screen basket filters are used for coarse filtration or pre-filtration of surface water, thermal water and cooling water. Thanks to the robust filter materials, they are designed for long-term operation and achieve filtration ratings of 25 to 10,000 µm. They are also available as change-over duplex filters.

HYDAC filter skids

We develop tailor-made systems for water treatment, leaving nothing to be desired. Whether it's a combination of coarse and fine filters, a skid solution for high flow rates or a combination of a heat exchanger, filter and pump - get in touch.

HYDAC microaxial piston pumps

In geothermal power plants, pumps are exposed to the most adverse conditions. As part of the HYDAC group of companies, BIERI has developed compact axial units with high volumetric efficiency and a wide speed range. Equipped with two to five pistons, we offer microaxial piston pumps for various applications.


Energy efficiency in geothermal power

The efficiency of the heat exchangers used has a direct impact on the performance of the entire system. Heat exchangers must therefore be carefully matched to the pressures, salt content, minerality and solid contamination of the thermal or surface water. Both the design of the heat exchanger and its internal flow conditions have an impact on efficiency. If the heat exchanger is not optimised, you can expect downtimes due to fouling, scaling, suspended particles or damage to the appliance.

Together with FUNKE, we offer highly specialised solutions, such as especially efficient gasketed plate heat exchangers that enable high heat outputs even with a low driving temperature difference (LMTD). If your required design pressures or temperatures are too high for plate heat exchangers, we enable significantly higher mechanical and thermal design conditions with shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Our product solutions
HYDAC shell-and-tube heat exchangers

As heat exchangers in geothermal power plants or as evaporators in ORC/Kalina systems - our shell-and-tube heat exchangers work reliably even with critical media and very high operating pressures and temperatures. Thanks to an optimised flow design, we also reduce the tendency to fouling, which leads to more stable processes.

HYDAC plate heat exchangers

We calculate and optimise the gasketed (screwed) plate heat exchangers according to your performance, temperature and pressure loss specifications. You can choose from different plate materials to suit your individual requirements. When combined with the compact design, easy cleaning and low investment costs, this results in the perfect solution for efficient heat transfer.


Thermal management in geothermal power

For electrical components in aquathermal and geothermal systems, a continuous temperature without large fluctuations, i.e. thermal management, is of great importance.

Our large portfolio of cooling systems for drive motor and bearing cooling, but also for frequency inverters, provides the cooling medium's "feel-good temperature" for the electrical components.

Our product solutions
HYDAC fluid-water cooling system

The FWKS is used in the intermediate circuit for drive and bearing cooling. There, the system protects against contamination and corrosion of the components caused by insufficient quality of the available cold water. The compact, low-maintenance design makes the FWKS a tried-and-tested solution.

HYDAC fluid-air cooling system

The HYDAC FLKS takes care of the drive and bearing cooling in electrical components (e.g. feed pumps). As a compact solution, it generates cold water to ensure efficient fluid cooling, with recooling via the ambient air. It's also easy to install and especially low-maintenance.

HYDAC water-glycol circuit

Our modular system for circulating water glycol is used to cool the generator, inverter, bearing or control oil in geothermal power plants. As an option, we can also equip this system with a redundant motor-pump group for greater safety or a mixing valve to optimise the temperature of the cooling medium.

HYDAC air coolers

Our standard air cooler isn't just used to cool lubricating oil or hydraulic oil. It's also used as an air heater. It operates particularly quietly with a cooling capacity of up to 200 kW – also available with an optional pump and filter.

HYDAC modular air cooler series

The compact and low-noise coolers in the AC-MS series are the perfect choice for ORC or Kalina systems. Whenever a very high cooling capacity is required in a limited space or with low noise levels, they are used as table coolers, vertically or in what is described as a V shape.


Sustainability & CO reduction

Whether it's near-surface geothermal power, deep geothermal power or aquathermal power - each application makes an important contribution to converting and utilising existing thermal energy. The processes in the power plants themselves can also be made more energy efficient, however, so that the CO2footprint is reduced. At HYDAC, we rely on space-optimised concepts in lubrication oil tanks, for example. Smaller tanks mean less oil and therefore reduced use of resources. Optimised filtration also creates many opportunities to save on filter elements, however.

Our product solutions
HYDAC bearing lubrication systems

Benefit from our extensive range of standardised and modular bearing lubrication systems, including patented degassing technology for lubricants.

HYDAC Air-X filter technology

Reduce the size of your tank by up to 40 % - and reduce oil consumption and material costs. Thanks to an optimised flow ratio, high air separation rates can be achieved when the oil returns to the tank. We optimise and reduce the size of your tank without requiring additional space on or next to the tank.

HYDAC Mobilemicron® filter elements

The Mobilemicron®filter elements are suitable for high-viscosity oil due to their particularly low pressure loss behaviour. They cover a temperature range from -30 °C to 100 °C and are particularly suitable for low temperatures during a cold start, as found in geothermal energy. The flow is from the outside to the inside with an cracking pressure bypass of 3 bar.

HYDAC filter elements against electrostatic discharge Stat-X®

Modern, low-conductivity oils lead to electrostatic charging and discharging in hydraulic and lubrication oil systems. The resulting electrostatic phenomena during filtration cause damage to filters and components in the system as well as premature oil degradation. With the use of special Stat-X®technology, dangerous charges and discharges in the system can be avoided.


System availability

To generate thermal energy from water and geothermal energy, the power plants must operate efficiently and require little maintenance. This is the only way to ensure high productivity and therefore high economic efficiency. Optimised fluid maintenance is an important building block for success, as it is often avoidable minor issues that bring a system to a standstill. To prevent this, it's advisable to use dewatering and fluid maintenance systems as well as smart sensors in deep geothermal power, near-surface geothermal power and aquathermal power. This makes it possible to use condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to intervene at an early stage and plan maintenance work sensibly.

Our product solutions
HYDAC Mobile Filtration Unit

Our portable service unit is designed to fill hydraulic systems safely, flush small hydraulic systems and clean in bypass flow. The result is improved component, oil and system filter service lives. This leads to fewer service calls and increases machine availability. The compact design paired with easy operation make it a timesaver and simple to use.

HYDAC offline filter unit

To maintain hydraulic and lubrication systems with large quantities of oil in geothermal power plants or large heat pumps, we offer robust offline units for stationary use. Equipped with a high element contamination retention capacity and optional sensors for oil condition monitoring, you can achieve longer oil change intervals with the OLF.

HYDAC Contamination Sensor Module

Our compact and cost-effective condition monitoring module is able to help with this. No more surprises – with the module, you always have an overview of your systems and can intervene at an early stage.

HYDAC IO-Link & smart sensors

HYDAC offers a wide range of sensors in the context of Industry 4.0. These include IO-Link and smart sensors that can do more than just measure. Benefit from valuable detailed information such as overload situations, process value statistics, temperature profiles, operating hours and much more which help you to design modern condition monitoring solutions.

HYDAC dewatering systems

The efficient conditioning with our dewatering units means that you benefit from longer oil change intervals, reduced Life Cycle Costs, greater reliability and increased system availability. Consistently ensure the quality of your hydraulic fluids - our modular system series with permanent moisture monitoring increases filter service lives and therefore your geothermal system's productivity.

HYDAC Varnish Elimination Units

Our user-friendly VEU modules effectively remove oil degradation products from mineral oils, providing a longer fluid service life for your lubrication oils and hydraulic oils. This process doesn't just guarantee greater system safety. It also reduces your costs. Find out more about our modular units.


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