What is IO-Link?

What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is a standardised IO technology that’s used across the world for communication using sensors and actuators. Based on a 3-wire connection, IO-Link communication allows for three types of data to be transmitted, including process data, service data and events.

The Benefits of IO-Link

Simple yet powerful, there are a number of benefits associated with IO-Link communication technology. These benefits include:

IO-Link is Universal

IO-Link has been standardised globally, making it universal and compatible. Most I/O-Link devices make use of M12 connectors, which are able to be used without any restrictions when it comes to switching and communication.

IO-Link is Smart

IO-Link technology is smart and boasts high functionality. 2 bytes of process data are available every cycle, and transmission is fast and efficient. Another smart feature is the automatic storage of parameter data for devices. This means when a new device is connected that’s previously been used, its parameters are automatically transferred to save time and hassle.

IO-Link Devices Are Identifiable

All IO-Link devices have an IO Device Description (IODD). This description file lists information about the manufacturer, functionality and other important details that can be easily read and processed, allowing devices to be easily identified.

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