COOLTECH specializes in liquid cooling solutions.

COOLTECH is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides custom thermal systems to the power electronics industry, combining liquid cooling units and cooling components.

The company provides turnkey solutions to be easily integrated into their products and the all-around approach to any thermal problem.

Cooling Systems

COOLTECH liquid cooling solution

COOLTECH designs and manufactures cooling units according to customer’s needs. Its engineering team develops from a single subassembly for OEMs to a complete PLC controlled cooling solution.

Heat Exchangers

COOLTECH heat exchangers

TFR-E consists of copper or stainless steel tubes expanded into aluminium or copper ns. Designed for low to medium ow rates, and the TFR-N series consists of tubes CAB brazed with ns to obtain good thermal performances in a cost-effective way.

COOLTECH also offers liquid cold plates and 2 phase solutions.

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