Funke is a leading developer and manufacturer of quality heat exchangers, and it's part of HYDAC group.

Funke can supply solutions of optimum thermodynamic design for a wide range of sectors and for almost any application. Funke produce modular standard equipment and customised designs as per customer specification, in compliance with international norms and standards.

Funke also make safety heat exchangers and sterile equipment to FDA standards for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Our customers benefit from the type of service that can only be provided by midsize companies with short decision-making processes.


Core competences

Funke concentrates on making shell-and-tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers that are optimised specifically for each customer. it also offers modular standard equipment for standard applications.

The safety heat exchangers and sterile equipment cater to special applications in the hygiene-focused chemical/pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Finally, Funke customer-oriented range also encompasses standard industry products for operation and maintenance of our heat exchangers.



Funke's shell and tube heat exchangers

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers
  • Standard
  • Customised
  • Safety


Funke's standard industrial products

Plate heat exchangers
  • Gasketed
  • Plates
  • Brazed


Funke's standard industrial products

Standard industrial products
  • Oil / Air cooling units
  • Electrical oil pre heaters


Click below for the line of products from Funke that is available at HYDAC Australia.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers