RT FilterTechnik

RT FilterTechnik

RT-Filtertechnik, formerly Regeltechnik Friedrichshafen, has been developing - in cooperation with its customers - filtration systems, filter elements and accessories at the highest level for decades now.

RT-Filtertechnik is an innovative filter technology company with head office in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. Our long-standing customers are active in the fields of mobile hydraulics and industrial hydraulics.

RT Filtertechnik provide a number of filter solutions in the range of hydraulic filtration.

These include, in particular:

  • Suction filter
  • Return line filters
  • Suction return line filters
  • Inline filter
  • Magnetic cores

In addition to significant presence in mobile hydraulics, RT Filtertechnik have increased activities within the complete field of hydraulics and further intensified cooperation with customers. Special emphasis is placed on the further development of the filter elements. An increase in performance due to an improved integration of filters in the customer systems is increasingly desired.

RT-Filtertechnik develops filtration systems, filter elements and accessories

RT FilterTechnik