Pilot Operated, Spool Type - DLHSD / DLHSR


The accumulator charging valve DLHS D / R is a pilot-operated, spring-loaded spool valve mounted in a manifold or inline housing. Its function is to control the charging of the accumulator within a pre-set switching range. There are integrations of a pilot stage with clear hysteresis, the main piston and a check valve into the circuit.

Therefore, the charge of the accumulator happens at port A from the pump port P across the check valve. Indeed, if the pressure in the accumulator exceeds the pre-set value of the pilot stage, the main piston opens. Then, relieved of the pump to the tank happens. If the pressure in the accumulator decreases by the value of the switching pressure differential, the pilot stage closes again Then, it recharges the accumulator.

  • Re-charging of the accumulator is dependent on the switch-on pressure, resulting in full accumulator capacity for emergency function in pump intermittent duty mode.
  • Switch-off pressures within the pressure range 100, 250 and 350 bar freely adjustable
  • Very low discharge of the accumulator due to pilot stage with minimal leakage
  • The compact design enables space-saving installation in control blocks and power units
  • Optimal system adaptation due to valves with different, fixed switching pressure differentials (12, 16, 21%),
  • Built-in check valve means no additional installation cost
  • Low Δp characteristics
  • Various pressure ranges up to 350 bar
  • Simple commissioning by setting the switch-off pressure
Pilot Operated Spool Type DLHSD DLHSR

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