Portable Flushing Unit


HYDAC's Portable Flushing Unit has the following features:

- 65 litre hydraulic tank

- Optical level indicator, level switch, visual thermometer

- Electrical cabinet with panel for system control

- 0,75kW Motor and double pump assembly

  • 12 litre per minute at 20 bar
  • 1.5 litre per minute at 100 bar

- 0.37 kW Motor-pump assembly for filtered tank filling

  • 26 litre per minute at 5 bar

- HYDAC filtration system to achieve NAS cleanliness code:

  • 3 micron absolute pressure filter, with electrical clogging indicator
  • 10 micron absolute return filter, with electrical clogging indicator
  • 2 micron absolute air filter, with desiccant feature

Hydraulic connections:

- Flat face type quick connector (no spill)

- Integrated contamination sensor:

  • Selectable codes: NAS1638, ISO4406, SAE-AS4059
  • Continuous indication
  • Outputs: Integrated display, 4-20 mA output, 1 digital output, RS485 output
  • Communication with HYDAC HMG-3000 display
  • Integrated motor-pump assembly (180ml/min) to feed the sensor with constant flow free from bubbles

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Portable Flushing Unit

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