Process Multi-Rheo Filter, Duplex Change-Over - PMRFD


The filter series PMRFD (for single filters see PMRF) Process Multi-Rheo Change-over Filter, completes the HYDAC Process Technology inline filter series. Furthermore, these filters use HYDAC DekaRheo or MegaRheo filter elements, which feature outstanding contamination retention capacities.

Moreover, the filter housings are available in 7 different sizes and lengths. It is, therefore, possible to find a suitable filter for every process. So, by using clogging indicators, which monitor the differential pressure, the determination of the condition of the filter can be at any time.

The typical areas of application for this filter series are the following:

  • Process water treatment
  • Filtration of cooling lubricants and washing fluids
  • Pure and ultrapure water production
  • Boiler feeds water
  • Extending the service life of circulating fluids
  • Finally, protection filtration for UV and membrane systems 1.2
  • Separation of solid particles from low viscosity fluids
  • It is suitable for applications with the highest purity requirements
  • Filtration ratings from 1 µm to 90 µm
  • A flow rates up to 1,200 m3/h
  • A change-over function
  • Also available as a change-over duplex filter
  • Finally, the product range of Flexmicron candle filter elements has the right filter element for every application.
  • A tried-and-tested filter element technology with very high retention capacity
  • A high separation performance
  • A compact housing with high flow rates
  • Also, various filter sizes and filter element qualities ensure optimal flexibility in catering for the individual application
  • Finally, filter Elements are fully incinerable - environmentally-friendly disposal
Process MultiRheo Filter Duplex ChangeOver PMRFD

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