Safety Plate Heat Exchangers


Application of Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchangers

With plate heat exchangers, the heat from a fluid is transferred to a cooling fluid. 

Safety plate heat exchangers are used when mixing of the media must be prevented even in case of plate damage, e. g. to avoid contamination and contamination. 

Technical data 

  • 3 sizes: HYDAC HEX DW_510, HEX DW_610, HEX DW_515
  • Plate material: Stainless steel 1.4401 
  • Braze material: Copper 
  • Operating pressure: max. 30 bar 
  • Test pressure: max. 43 bar 
  • Operating temperature: max. 200°C 
  • Connections: Female thread (standard) 
Safety Plate Heat Exchangers

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