Selector Valve RV 361 & RV362

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The selector valve RV 360 is specially designed for use on front-end loaders of agriculture tractors. The valve provides an optimized routing of hoses and increased productivity in the assembly of the loader. Only 4 hoses have to be connected from the directional control valve. The valve is designed with RV 361 as the basic module for one implement function. This can be extended with a section to become RV 362 giving an additional implement function.

RV 360 is pilot operated in order to achieve low internal leakage in combination with reliable switching function. The pilot operation also gives a low current consumption.

Both RV 361 and RV 362 can be configured with a cross-port relief valve.

The basic valve RV 361 is available with connections for one or several accumulators for loader suspension. The valve is then configured with a solenoid operated shut-off valve in order to switch the loader suspension system on / off.

The valve can be equipped with plug-in connections at delivery.

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