Variable Displacement Pumps for Closed Circuits - PPV200


HYDAC PPV200 is a variable displacement pump for closed circuits.

Essential performance data:
  • 55 to 280 cm³/rev
  • Nominal pressure up to 450 bar, peak pressure up to 500 bar
  • Drive speed up to 3600 rpm
  • Mounting flange SAE J744

See brochure below for all technical specifications.

The installation of the hydraulic assembly must be performed according to:

  • The wire and piping diagram
  • The device-specific installation instruction
  • The technical data sheets and installation drawings.

If we perform electro-hydraulic circuits, then the prescribed electrical values adhere to and e.g. the device has the prescribed voltage.

Cleanliness and quality of hydraulic pipes:

For the hydraulic pipes, we must use seamless precision steel pipes according to EN 10305/C or hoses with suitable pressure resistance. So, we must deburr, wash out and blow through the pipes to ensure the neutralisation of any scaled or rusted pipes.

Moreover, cleanliness is the priority during the installation of the entire hydraulic unit. So, do not plug or close finished pipes with cleaning cloths but rather with plastic film or tape.

The mechanical connection of an HYDAC axial piston pump:

The mechanical connection to the drive system happens via its housing flange and the shaft end of the primary drive. HYDAC axial piston pumps serve as a plug on drives for a co-axial connection to a drive system. For example, a connection without radial or angle offset between driving and driven shafts.

Variable Displacement Pumps for Closed Circuits PPV200

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