Varnish Elimination Unit VEU-F-AU


The Hydac Varnish Elimination Unit VEU-F-AU is a unique and innovative system. Its primary utilisation is for the conditioning and refurbishment of mineral oils. Indeed, its utilisation is essential in preventing damages to the oil and varnish. Doing so will prevent any contamination to the system and will preserve the system to any breakdown.

Removing varnish from the oil with the HYDAC Varnish Elimination Unit:

Because of the semi-soluble nature of varnish in oil, standard filtration procedures are normally insufficient to remove the varnish from the oil.

Other removal processes are either:

  • Slow and expensive
  • They require to shut down the system before treating the oil

The VEU-F-AU has the unique characteristic of being a fully "online and on load" treatment sub-system. It, therefore, allows varnish removal and clean-up of the oil whilst the system is operating.

The VEU-F-AU also returns the processed oil back to the tank with only an approximately  5°C drop in temperature. So, its use will not impact the existing system balance and operation mode (there will be no system shock).

Additionally, the VEU-F-AU uses no complex chemicals or other mechanisms; rather, it uses the renowned OLF-Dimicron filtration elements that are easily available nationally and internationally.

We believe this to be the best, the fastest and most "easy-to-use" system on the market today!

What's more, the unit is available for temporary service or for permanent installation on a new system.

See below a video on how to set up and operate our Varnish Elimination Unit VEU-F-AU.

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Varnish Elimination Unit VEUFAU

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