Water Test Kit


HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of easy-to-use measurement and analysis equipment for this purpose. Therefore, it is ideal for dealing with a solid particle or liquid contaminants, no matter sporadic checks or permanent installation requirements, whether in the laboratory or in the field.

HYDAC’s WaterTest Kit is used for quantitative analysis of absolute water content in mineral-oil-based lubricating and hydraulic oils.

The absolute water content is made up of free, emulsified, and dissolved water in fluid measured, with the measurement range up for selection from  0.02-1%, 0-10%, and 100-3000ppm.

HYDAC offers the right tool for every application:

  • Instruments for detecting the water content of fluids
  • Testing and analysis equipment for detecting solid particle contaminants in fluids
  • Sampling systems
  • Also, services and accessories
  • And component analysis systems
Water Test Kit

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  • What does measurement with HYDAC’s Water Test Kit involve?

    Measurement with HYDAC’s Water Test Kit involves adding two reagents to the contaminated oil to cause a pressure increase in the measurement cell that is output via the digital display as water content in volume per cent or parts per million (PPM). 

    What is time per measurement when using HYDAC’s Water Test Kit?

     Time per measurement is only approximately five minutes without sample preparation when using HYDAC’s Water Test Kit.

    Can direct comparison with values measured in a laboratory take place when using HYDAC’s Water Test Kit?

    Yes, that is possible when using HYDAC’s Water Test Kit because of the absolute water content being output in parts per million.

    What are the advantages of HYDAC’s Water Test Kit?

    Advantages of using HYDAC’s Water Test Kit include easy determination of absolute water content; easy cleaning of the pressure sensor; high resolution in the lower measuring range; and the possibility of the measurement series being recorded for different fluids to depict trend curves.

    What language displays can be selected on HYDAC’s Water Test Kit?

    On HYDAC’s Water Test Kit English is the default setting, with other settings including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Danish. 

    How can HYDAC’s Water Test Kit battery be recharged?

    The HYDAC Water Test Kit battery, which is replaceable, can be recharged via a USB cable illuminated display.