Clamps DIN 3015 Heavy Range


Clamps to DIN 3015 are a perfected modular system for the mounting of pipes with static and dynamic loads.

  • Shock-absorbing, vibration-damping and noise-absorbing properties
  • A compensation of pipe allowances and axial divergences
  • The exclusion against corrosion by all around surface treatment
  • The economical stick in and screw assembly of the bayonet nut
  • A smooth component mounting by clamp body of thermoplastic rubber
  • Weld plates formed of one part
  • Steel parts with sufficient surface protection
  • A safe overhead mounting by fixing effect of the plastic parts
Part 2 Heavy range
  • Diameter range from 6 - 406.4 mm
  • With elastomer insert of 6 - 140 mm

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Clamps DIN 3015 Heavy Range

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