Direct Acting, Bypass Spool Type, Metric Cartridge - DWM08130Z


The pressure compensator DWM08130Z is a normally closed, direct-acting, spring-loaded flow control valve which operates smoothly.

By maintaining a constant differential between inlet and outlet pressure of an orifice (ports 1 and 3 of the pressure compensator), a constant flow rate is maintained (independently of the load pressure). As soon as the pressure differential exceeds the value pre-set by the spring force, the control piston opens an orifice cross-section and diverts the surplus flow which is not required by the consumer, through a third port.

The utilisation of the pressure compensator can, for example, be when raising variable loads at the same velocity. Together with a proportional flow control valve, it can be used as a 3-way proportional flow regulator. In load sensing circuits with a fixed displacement pump, if there is no demand from the consumer, the valve allows the oil to flow back to the tank and therefore vents the whole system.

  • Used as a load sensing valve to control the flow rate of consumers independently of the pressure
  • Versions available for different control pressure differentials
  • Hydrodynamic damping
  • Excellent stability throughout pressure and flow range
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • External surfaces zinc-plated and corrosion-proof
  • Hardened and ground valve components to ensure minimal wear and extended service life
  • Reliable operation due to integral stroke limitation
  • Internal venting of the load sensing line when valve is open
Direct Acting Bypass Spool Type Metric Cartridge DWM08130Z

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