EDS 4300


The programmable electronic pressure switch in the EDS 4300 series combines the advantages of a compact, robust and cost-effective instrument with the benefits of a programmable pressure switch.

To begin with, it is easy to program the EDS 4300 using the HPG 3000 programming unit. Once there is disconnection of the programming unit from the EDS 4300, the pressure switch retains all the settings. This prevents unauthorised adjustment of the settings.

What's more, it is possible to change the following parameters:

  • Switching point
  • Hysteresis
  • Switching direction (N/O / N/C)
  • Switching delay times

Moreover, the EDS 4300 is suitable for low-pressure applications (up to 16 bar). It also has a pressure measurement cell with thick-film strain gauge on a ceramic membrane.

In contrast to pressure switches which are permanently pre-set according to customer requirements, the programmable EDS 4300 is highly versatile and replaces a wide range of models. This is advantageous in respect of stock management.


  • The option of 1 or 2 switching outputs
  • The option of PNP or NPN switching outputs
  • A high switching output capacity
  • Accuracy ? ± 1 % FS
  • An individual programming
  • A compact and robust design
  • It is also available in ATEX version for potentially explosive locations
Electronics - software

Electronics - software

EDS 4300

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